26 August 2016

White Company Candles // Orange Grove + Symons St.


Although were still clinging onto some hot sunny days, I'm starting to get a little excited for Autumn - wearing cosy clothes, running warm baths, Lush's Halloween/ Christmas ranges aaand of course lighting more candles! As we've very recently moved into our new house I thought I'd treat us to a couple of gorgeous smelling White Company Candles (to get rid of the smell of paint!).

As soon as I smelt this one I knew it was the candle for me - I absolutely love orange-citrus scents anyway but this is on another level! It's fresh but at the same time has a warm, woody scent that really lingers after burning. Since discovering this candle it has become one of my absolute favourites.

The Symons St. candle is inspired by the White Company's signature London store and is a really fresh, crisp scent with amber, cotton and peony - mmmmm. I got the mini candle, which is no longer available online, however you can still get the bigger ones! I really love the silver packaging and I'll definitely be recycling the glass jar when the candle's finished burning.

What candles will you be lighting this Autumn?
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