28 September 2016

Lush Autumn + Halloween // My Picks


Around this time of year I always get sooo excited for the Lush Halloween and Christmas collections. This year was definitely no different, so on the first day everything Halloweeny was released I duly trotted off to my local Lush store dragging Dan in tow. This year Lush have got an amazing choice of new products as well as some old favourites!

16 September 2016

NYX // Face + Body Glitters


I've been wanting to do a really glittery copper eye make-up look for quite a while, especially since Autumn is rolling around aaand it would be perfect for adding some glitter to a Halloween make-up look! I've been keeping an eye out for quite a while but there aren't that many REALLY glittery products out there on the high-street - surprising!? I thought I was going to have to wait and get something from MAC (I don't live particularly near a MAC store - boo.) until I saw these Face + Body glitters from NYX!

13 September 2016

Hair Care Saviours // Bumble + Bumble Invisible Oil


Bumble and Bumble is a brand that I've been pretty obsessed with over the last few years - literally every product I own from them is a dream to use! My two absolute staples that I use almost every day are both part of the Invisible Oil range - I have them in the mini's and the full size companions - that's devotion right there eh?

9 September 2016

The Cupboard Under The Stairs //


As this is the only part of our house that is anywhere near being in any fit state to take a photo of, I though I'd do a little round up of a few cute homeware pieces I've purchased and tell you where I got this gorgeeee cupboard from!

6 September 2016

Looking Forward To... // Autumn Edition


I'm definitely not a blogger that can keep up with doing a monthly favourites (oops!), so I thought that instead I'd just do a seasonal round up of all the things I'm looking forward to - that way it's only a four times a year commitment haha!

4 September 2016

Lush Treats // Bath Oils + Shower Jelly


I feel like it's been quite a while since I wrote a Lush post (although I'm sure that will change very soon with the upcoming Halloween and Christmas collections!) so I thought I'd mention two of my faveee products to use in the shower when I need to feel fresh and awake (not warm, cosy and ready for bed), as well as some exclusive bath oils from the Oxford Street store.

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