6 September 2016

Looking Forward To... // Autumn Edition


I'm definitely not a blogger that can keep up with doing a monthly favourites (oops!), so I thought that instead I'd just do a seasonal round up of all the things I'm looking forward to - that way it's only a four times a year commitment haha!

I absolutely love Autumn (I think secretly It's my fave season) and now that the weather is getting colder and leaves are appearing on the ground I'm getting excited to leave summer behind for good! I'm also excited for...

Lush Halloween + Christmas //
I've been restraining myself so much lately in Lush simply because I know I'm gonna spend waaay too much in there once the exclusive Halloween and Christmas ranges hit stores. I've had a sneaky peek on Instagram (the ranges got leaked on there) and it all looks amazing! I think I'm most excited for a bath bomb shaped like a monster and the return of one of my faveee bath bombs - So White.

Colder Dressing //
Forget about having the perfect summer bod and having to get the fake tan out - you can now embrace the pale and wrap up in all your coats, scarves and boots! Don't get me wrong I love the warmer weather too but there's something about being snuggled into your coat with the cold air around you that I love (I guess it's part of being English!).

Autumn Makeup //
Berry lipstick and sparkly eye makeup here I come! Cliche - but I don't care I can go back to being pale again haha.

Starbucks Autumn Range //
The pretty Autumn cups are making a return, so without further ado... Pumpkin spiced everything here I comeee!

Halloween //
Now I know that not everyone is a fan of Halloween but I just love dressing up and watching scary movies with my friends! I have a whole big box dedicated to Halloween fancy dress and home decor and it's super fun doing all the crazy make-up and seeing what everyone else is dressed up as when you go out.

Candles //
I have a ridiculous candle collection and around this time of year I get back into burning them and having my little pamper nights! I love all the yankee candle autumn scents and pumpkin scented anything.

Warming Food //
Gone is the light, picnic food of summer - here comes the roast dinners, sausage and mash, pie and gravy sort of dinners - yaaay! There's just nothing better than getting in from the cold and eating a warming meal with the family - mmmm.

What are you looking forward to this Autumn??
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