28 September 2016

Lush Autumn + Halloween // My Picks


Around this time of year I always get sooo excited for the Lush Halloween and Christmas collections. This year was definitely no different, so on the first day everything Halloweeny was released I duly trotted off to my local Lush store dragging Dan in tow. This year Lush have got an amazing choice of new products as well as some old favourites!

Sparkly Pumpkin //
This is definitely an old favourite of mine so I'm really glad they brought it back this year. It has quite a citrussy scent with lime and grapefruit but it just reminds me of Halloween and I love how cute it looks with all the gold glitter and the cinnamon stick poking out the top! Whenever I use this the bath is full of bubbles and turns a gorgeous warm orange colour with a tonne of glitter!

This one is new this year and it just looks so so cute! I can't wait to see the effect it gives when you put it in the bath, but I love how it has all the colours of a leaf changing colour in the Autumn! The smell is the same as the discontinued grass shower gel - very fresh with bergamot and neroli oils.

I absolutely loved the look of this one! It's the cutest little ghost which looks like it's gonna make my skin so so soft. It contains cocoa butter which I love the smell of, as well as ginger and mimosa.

This one is such an exciting addition to the range - it literally smells like pumpkin pie! Apparently it's a very fast fizzer which turns your water a bright orange. I think it would be lovely aired with sparkly pumpkin for a really Halloween themed bath!

It's like Sully from Monsters Inc in bath bomb form! It has a very strong lime scent and looks like it'll be amazing when you drop it in the bath with pink and blue swirls.

There are a couple of other bits in the Halloween collection that I'm excited to get my hands on - Goth Fairy shimmer bar which I completely forgot to even look at in store, and the classic Lord of Misrule bath bomb which makes your bath deep blood red colour and smells incredible! Have you picked up anything from the Lush Autumn range yet?
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