4 September 2016

Lush Treats // Bath Oils + Shower Jelly


I feel like it's been quite a while since I wrote a Lush post (although I'm sure that will change very soon with the upcoming Halloween and Christmas collections!) so I thought I'd mention two of my faveee products to use in the shower when I need to feel fresh and awake (not warm, cosy and ready for bed), as well as some exclusive bath oils from the Oxford Street store.

Refresher Shower Jelly //
This is a gorgeous, ridiculously lemony shower jelly with the prettiest golden shimmery colour. It's the first shower jelly I've tried and initially I was a little apprehensive - it's a very strange texture ok! The best way I've found to use it is to simply break a little chunk off and use a shower lily with it to get a lather going. You can also pop it in the fridge and use it cold to really wake you up!

This is one of Lush's absolute classic shower gels and is something I've used on and off for yearsss. It has a strong citrussy grapefruit scent which is really refreshing to use and lingers for ages on the skin. Dan likes using this one too as it's not one of my usual sweet Lush scents (snow fairy anyone?).

Luxury Bath Oils //
Sadly you can currently only get these four bath oils from the Oxford Street store, but if you're passing by any time soon or planning a trip to London I would highly recommend going in and getting one (or a couple) of these as they're all soo beautiful. If not every Lush store has a few of the other bath oils so you can always treat yourself a little closer to home! From left to right: Shark Infested Custard, Cloak of Invisibility, Ginger aaaand Orange Blossom.
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