28 October 2016

An Autumn Adventure // Pumpkin Picking


Autumn is definitely my favourite season, but this year it feels like Halloween and the end of October has come around so so fast and I haven't had time to fully prepare! Dan and I actually had a morning free together for once, so instead of just working on the house like we usually do on days off, we decided to actually go out and do something fun for Halloween!

21 October 2016

Making Time To Take A Break //


Sometimes life gets a bit too hectic and there's just not enough hours in the day to get everything done. I'm feeling this like crazy at the moment, and trying to find time to blog and take good photos on top of working two jobs, having some sort of social life aaand doing an absolute mountain of DIY on our new house is proving to be a rather difficult juggling act!

10 October 2016

High End VS High Street // Two Fave Mascaras


I have to admit I can sometimes be a bit of a beauty snob, but I do like high street // drugstore products too, so I thought I'd do a breakdown of two mascara's that I love but that are at veeey different price points!

5 October 2016

A Day On The Canal //


We're really lucky that we live in such a good location - we get the best of both worlds, being close to the city but also equally close to some amazing countryside. My parents recently won a little mini break on a canal barge really nearby to where we live, so Dan and I decided to tag along for the day, alongside my Aunt and Uncle and just have a really chilled one with lots of food, drink and laughter involved!

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