5 October 2016

A Day On The Canal //


We're really lucky that we live in such a good location - we get the best of both worlds, being close to the city but also equally close to some amazing countryside. My parents recently won a little mini break on a canal barge really nearby to where we live, so Dan and I decided to tag along for the day, alongside my Aunt and Uncle and just have a really chilled one with lots of food, drink and laughter involved!

It was a really lovely sunny day and it was sooo nice to just take some time out and admire the view, chat with my family and play some cards, without worrying about checking my phone, thinking about work or worrying about how much we have to do to the house. I had a go at steering which was really fun (even though I was initially kinda nervous!) and I even managed to steer us under a narrow bridge, although I did make my Dad stand nearby just incase anything went pear shaped! After we handed the keys for the barge back we all went home and got a Chinese before settling in to catch up on Strictly - my perfff kind've night if there ever was one!

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