28 October 2016

An Autumn Adventure // Pumpkin Picking


Autumn is definitely my favourite season, but this year it feels like Halloween and the end of October has come around so so fast and I haven't had time to fully prepare! Dan and I actually had a morning free together for once, so instead of just working on the house like we usually do on days off, we decided to actually go out and do something fun for Halloween!

I've always wanted to go somewhere to pick my own pumpkins but I never realised there was a place only half an hours drive away from where we live called Wasperton Pumpkin Farm. The place was super busy (half term week + 3 days before Halloween may have had something to do with it) but there was plenty of pumpkins left to choose from. I was a little disappointed as I sort've had visions of us actually going out into the fields and plucking pumpkins off their stems, whereas in reality it was more huge piles of pumpkins.

They had some really pretty one of all different shapes, sizes and colours and the cutest miniature ones which were by far my faveee. Dan wanted to get a giant pumpkin that probably weighed as much as me and would be practically impossible to pick up but I put my foot down and we went for the prettier (and much smaller) ones instead! I've now had the fun job this afternoon of washing them all and dotting them round the house and I'm feeling so much more Halloween ready!
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