10 November 2016

Garlic Chicken Sesame Stir Fry //


Now I know it's coming up to Christmas and I will most definitely be eating more than my fair share of mince pies, chocolate and all things unhealthy butttt as it's still November I feel like I should be a bit healthy whilst there's still time - ha! I made this super quick and easy garlic chicken stir fry the other day soo I thought I'd share how I made it as it feels like forever since I wrote a food related post.

Grab Yourself:

3 garlic cloves
1 red onion
2 carrots
1 lime
1 broccoli head
a couple of handfuls of chopped cabbage
a small tin of water chestnuts
2 chicken breasts
vegetable oil
salt & pepper to season
soy sauce
sesame seeds
egg or rice noodles depending on your preference
ginger/ chilli depending on if you like it spicy or not!

This is a really simple one pot recipe and it's super flavoursome whilst still being healthy. If you have time you can marinate the chicken in a little soy sauce and crushed garlic before cooking but if you don't have time you can chuck it all in together. Depending on how crunchy you want your veg you can either throw it all in at the start with your chicken or pop it in a little bit after frying your chicken. Add the noodles towards the end and cook for a couple of minutes before using soy sauce and a squeeze of lime to bring the flavours together. Once plated up sprinkle over your sesame seeds and voila your good to go - Enjoy!
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