30 December 2016

7 Thoughts For 2017 //


Lets be honest, it feels like 2016 was a pretty crappy year in some aspects - I don't really want to remind you too much or get too political, as this is supposed to be a motivational, uplifting post, but let's just say that George Michael passing away on Christmas Day was the icing on the mountainous cake of horrible news stories we've heard this year.

23 December 2016

The Most Festive Hot Chocolate //


Now don't get me wrong, I love your average hot chocolate as much as the next person (ok probsss slightly more!) but there's just something so indulgent about making it really festive and over the top + possibly with some alcohol slipped in for good measure!

21 December 2016

Christmas Home Decor //


I think Christmas is one of the things I've been most excited about since we moved into our house. I've always loved decorating back when I lived with my parents, but there's just something so exciting about having your own place to spruce up and getting to choose all of your own decorations!

20 December 2016

Orange Iced Star Biscuits //


Can you believe it's less than a week to go until Christmas?! The time has literally flown by, so I though I'd better share this recipe with you pretty darn quick, otherwise before I know it Christmas will be over! I made a batch of these biscuits the other day and they went down a treat with the famo - I'm determined to make another batch on Christmas eve so I can proudly present them to everyone on Christmas day haha!

14 December 2016

Let's Get Christmassy // Drying Oranges


Now I know this is a bit of a strange and completely random post but don't you just think there's something so Christmassy about dried oranges! I always see them being sold alongside cinnamon sticks and pine cones but they're really expensive so I thought what the heck - why don't I just make my own.

10 December 2016

Winter Treats // Mini Christmas Puddings


Now that our kitchen is well on the way to being finished I just had to get in there and make some Christmassy treats! This is the time of year where healthy food sort've goes out the window and you just want comforting indulgent food to see you through to the new year, and these mini Christmas pudding treats are exactly that!

2 December 2016

Lush Christmas // A Couple Of Bath Bomb Faves


It's December the 2nd and it's starting to feel very festive round here! I absolutely love Lush at Christmas (and the rest of the year haha!), there's just so much to choose from and so many amazingly creative products to choose from! I've tried pretty much every bath bomb going and these two are the one's I think I'll always love.

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