21 December 2016

Christmas Home Decor //


I think Christmas is one of the things I've been most excited about since we moved into our house. I've always loved decorating back when I lived with my parents, but there's just something so exciting about having your own place to spruce up and getting to choose all of your own decorations!

I decided to go for a gold, copper and white tree and I've really enjoyed picking out all of the bits and bobs to go on it! I got some of the plain baubles from B&M Bargains/ Asda to bulk up the tree, and then splashed out on some of the prettier, more unique ones at M&S, John Lewis and The White Company. I also got my wreath from M&S - they're currently selling them off for 1/2 price so I'd definitely recommend checking them out! The Range is also a really good place to go if you're on a budget - they have loads of amazing baubles, bells, garlands and trees - you name it, they'll probably have it!

I'm almost done with all my Christmas wrapping too, although I've got a few last minute bits I need to sort out - doesn't everyone!? I also managed to make Dan a present advent calendar with little clues to find a present dotted around the house each day - ha I definitely won't be doing this every year! Even though I've bought a lot of decorations this year, some of my favourites are the home-made ones my Mom and Nan gave to me  - my Nan knitted the little snowman and my mom sewed the felt bauble below - how cute?! I've absolutely loved putting all the Christmassy touches to our home this year and I just know I'll be super excited to get them all out again next year!

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