2 December 2016

Lush Christmas // A Couple Of Bath Bomb Faves


It's December the 2nd and it's starting to feel very festive round here! I absolutely love Lush at Christmas (and the rest of the year haha!), there's just so much to choose from and so many amazingly creative products to choose from! I've tried pretty much every bath bomb going and these two are the one's I think I'll always love.

This is a bath bomb that I buy without fail every year because it's just sooo good! It smells like the classic Honey I Washed The Kids scent, plussss it makes the water all sparkly and blue like the night sky - so preeetty. It's slightly different to last year and now has little star bath melts on the top to make your skin extra soft and I think I prefer the new look!

I find that this is always such an underrated bath bomb; I never used to give it a second glance as it looked so boring with it's plain white shell! However, looks can be deceiving because this smells uh-ma-zingggg and has now become one of my absolute faviesss. This year it's had a little bit of a re-vamp and now has a green leaf on the outside with blue and green hiding in the middle but it still smells exactly the same - like the freshest green apples - yummm!

Are you a fan of Lush Christmas? What's your favee products?
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