31 January 2017

An Office Update //


We have a really tiny box room in our house that we didn't really know what to do with buttt it just about fits a desk in so we've made it into the smallest office space you ever did see! I'm planning on getting a different desk in here eventually and putting up some shelves but for the moment I've popped a few bits on the desk itself to make it look a little more homely.

27 January 2017

Lush Valentines // My Picks


I always loved the Lush Valentines collections and this year is no different - take my money Lush! I went for some tried and tested favourites from last year plus one new bath bomb; what can I say I love all things pink and rose scented...

24 January 2017

A Cookery Book Haul //


I used to pretty much never cook and I didn't have a clue where to begin; it just wasn't something I was ever interested in! Buttt, times are a changin and now that we have our own kitchen and I can buy whatever food I fancy I wanted to get into cooking and be a little healthier. I feel like cookery books are a great source of inspo when you don't know what to cook and I love and use every one in my little selection!

20 January 2017

Gold Leaf DIY // Terracotta Cactus Pots


When we moved into our house I found a load of terracotta plant pots sitting un-used in the back garden and I remembered seeing some really pretty (and really expensive) ones in Anthropologie that were partially covered in gold-leaf. I thought to myself - I can sooo do that myself - and voila, quite a few months later and I finally got round to making them!

17 January 2017

Beauty Storage // Tips + Tricks


I absolutely LOVEE seeing make-up all shiny and neatly stored, I'm a bit of an over-organiser anyway, but there's just something about beauty items in order that I can't get enough of! I recently got a new dressing table when we moved house, so of course I had to re-organise my beauty stash.

13 January 2017

A Kitchen Shelfie //


I definitely had a vision of what I wanted these shelves to look like in my mind for a really long time, and although I had to put up with my mom nagging me that I should get wall cabinets I'm really glad I stuck to my guns! Open shelving seems to work really well in our small kitchen and I love all of our jars being out on display.

10 January 2017

Liverpool Lovin //


This is such a well overdue post (oops!) but I'm currently lying in bed thinking about planning our next little get-away and I realised I never posted about this one - better late than never though right?!  I'd wanted to go to Liverpool for absolutely ageeees - so many people had told me what a great city it was and how much they loved it, and Dan and I were sooo ready for a little mini break after doing endless hours of DIY, so we did a little bit of a last minute booking back in September!

6 January 2017

The Body Shop // Camomile Cleansers


I hadn't treated myself to any new skincare in a while but I was in the market for a new cleanser and remembered the Body Shop camomile range. At this time of year I feel like I'm wearing a lot of make-up and I need something that's going to get it all off without feeling like I have to scrub at my skin!

3 January 2017

New Year // New Nail Technique


I've always seen 'negative space nails' and 'watercolour nails' on Pinterest and thought they looked really cool, but I've never given either a go! I feel like I've been neglecting doing my nails recently, but with the new year I've decided to get back into doing them. 

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