24 January 2017

A Cookery Book Haul //


I used to pretty much never cook and I didn't have a clue where to begin; it just wasn't something I was ever interested in! Buttt, times are a changin and now that we have our own kitchen and I can buy whatever food I fancy I wanted to get into cooking and be a little healthier. I feel like cookery books are a great source of inspo when you don't know what to cook and I love and use every one in my little selection!

I like to read through cookery books and put little markers in or take photos of the recipes that stand out to me, that way it's easy to find the page when I want to cook whatever it may be. Another tip is to plan out meals for the week so that you can get all the ingredients you need when doing a food shop. If I make a one-pot meal like a pasta sauce or curry I always make lots and then freeze it in individual portions, thennn when you cba to cook you have food that can be defrosted for a quick dinner - much healthier and cheaper than take-away, although lets face it, sometimes it's hard to resist!

If you want to be really healthy but still eat lushh food, orrr if you're a vegetarian I would highly reccomend either one of the Hemsley + Hemsley, Eat Smart or Deliciously Ella books. All three make cooking with vegetables look so easy and yummy and I can't wait to start spirallizing more veg (I got a spiralizer for Christmas!). Sometimes though, I want something a bit more hearty (and slightly more unhealthy!) and this is where Jamie Olivers Comfort Food comes in - there's all sorts of great recipes in here, from the best burger to a mouth watering roast, seriously the pics make me want to eat everythinggg.

Another fave book that is perhaps a little less well known is definitely The Kinfolk Table. This book has recipes from different people/ families with a little story accompanying each one - definitely a heart warming read, and the pictures are beautt! I get most of my books through Amazon, one of these were literally a quarter of the price compared to a book store and if you get them second hand they're even cheaper. Do you use any cookery books regularly? + If so which are your favee?
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