13 January 2017

A Kitchen Shelfie //


I definitely had a vision of what I wanted these shelves to look like in my mind for a really long time, and although I had to put up with my mom nagging me that I should get wall cabinets I'm really glad I stuck to my guns! Open shelving seems to work really well in our small kitchen and I love all of our jars being out on display.

I got the shelves themselves from Ebay - I wanted some that were floating and sort've rustic looking, even if they were a bit of a pain to put up on top of the tiles! Most of the glass jars were from ikea and a few are just Kilner jars which you can buy at loads of places (Home-Sense, Sainsbury's etc.) and I filled them with all our essentials - pasta, rice, granola etc. - can you tell I love decanting?! I've also got two smaller sold marble pots which were a bargain from Dunelm.

Homesense have loads of quirky condiments too if you're on the look out for little extras to go in your kitchen - I got the sea-salt and balsamic from there, complete in their cute pink packaging! Now my shelves wouldn't be complete without something copper (I'm obsessed.) I have a copper mixing bowl and measuring cups from Sainsbury's and the prettiest collinder (another TK Maxx find). Also housed on the top shelf are my collection of cookery books, which I'm gonna do a separate blog post on, propped up with a ridiculously expensive, but pretty amazing marble + wood bookend from West Elm.

I find this style of shelving really practical in a small space and I think it works well for us to be able to grab bits + bobs when were cooking, as well as making the kitchen look aesthetically pleasing!

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