31 January 2017

An Office Update //


We have a really tiny box room in our house that we didn't really know what to do with buttt it just about fits a desk in so we've made it into the smallest office space you ever did see! I'm planning on getting a different desk in here eventually and putting up some shelves but for the moment I've popped a few bits on the desk itself to make it look a little more homely.

I saw the wire board and basket in Sainsbury's recently and couldn't resist - they look so cute together and it was fun putting all the post-cards and other bits on to the board. They have loads of cute ones in Paperchase - I used to have loadsss when I was younger up in my room but I decided to go choose some new ones.

I sorted out all of our pens + pencils and popped some into a marble holder from The White Company - I even have a couple of copper pencils! The happiness candle was from Homesense, I haven't burnt it yet but it smells lush. Inside the wire basket I've put a notebook and a checklist sheet, which are both from Paperchase. I've also got a little copper pot with copper pins, paperclips and bulldog clips in (yep... I went overboard with the copper again!). I feel like just adding a few little things and having an organise of our paperwork and stationary has made this room a smudge more like home. What do you think?
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