17 January 2017

Beauty Storage // Tips + Tricks


I absolutely LOVEE seeing make-up all shiny and neatly stored, I'm a bit of an over-organiser anyway, but there's just something about beauty items in order that I can't get enough of! I recently got a new dressing table when we moved house, so of course I had to re-organise my beauty stash.

The dressing table itself is from an online brand called Swoon Editions (we also have the matching bedside tables). I really liked the style of it as it's quite minimalistic and I love the wood with the black rim, although the only down-side is the the drawers aren't really that deep so I had to shuffle a few things round to get them to fit.

Most of my make-up, nail-polish and skin-care is housed in these drawers, although I keep some skin-care in the bathroom (maybe I'll do a future blog post on my bathroom storage further down the line!). I keep my make-up in the left hand drawer and I've organised it using some plastic storage containers from Muji. I've tried to organise it into categories (where it'll fit) so palettes and bronzers are mostly on the left and lipsticks and eyeshadows each have a separate container. I also have small make-up bag that I keep my every-day products in for easy access, then I just rotate things in and out depending on how my skin's feeling and what sort've eye shade I want to reach for - that way products don't sit un-used for so long! The right hand draw is more of a mish-mash of products plus too many nail varnishes - I like to keep them upside down so that I can see the colours easily and grab whatever takes my fancy.

I've also organised some of the bits and bobs I often reach for on the top, such as make-up brushes, hand-cream, jewellery and anything that looks pretty haha! I like to re-use finished candles to store eye-pencils, lip-glosses and brushes - who could ever throw away a used up diptyque candle though?!  The copper wire basket is from H&M home and houses some of my bulkier sprays and the marble tray is also from there - sooo many blogger have this! Urban Outfitters is another great place to get pretty storage from, the palm circular tray and glass pyramid are both from here and I use them to pop jewellery on.

I also keep a few beauty items on my bedside table - I use the Aesop facial cream and oil every day when I go to bed so it sort've makes sense to keep it here to make it easy to reach for and remember to apply. I also have nail files, tweezers, scissors and clippers together in a pot - I find that these are always things you can't find when you really need them so at least keeping them here on display means I can always find them! I recently got this mint and gold trinket tray from Oliver Bonas and thought it looked so pretty on my bedside with some of my perfumes popped on top - the lamp is also from there if you were wondering!

So there you have it - how I store my make-up // beauty - it was so hard to get good photo's of my collection but I hope you liked it and picked up some ideas! Let me know if you've done a similar post - I'd love to see it as these are some of my favee posts to read.
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