20 January 2017

Gold Leaf DIY // Terracotta Cactus Pots


When we moved into our house I found a load of terracotta plant pots sitting un-used in the back garden and I remembered seeing some really pretty (and really expensive) ones in Anthropologie that were partially covered in gold-leaf. I thought to myself - I can sooo do that myself - and voila, quite a few months later and I finally got round to making them!

I'm so pleased with how they turned out, and it was actually really easy to do. You'll need a few terracotta pots of varying shapes and sizes, some faux gold leaf (I got mine on Amazon) that comes in sheets, PVA glue and a paint brush.

Make sure the pots are clean and dry (mine were covered in soil + dirt - soo gross!) before adding watered down PVA in the areas you want the gold-leaf to stick to. I found that watering it down a little worked best as it stops the PVA being so shiny when it dries, although you could just do the whole pot as a sort've glaze. I concentrated mostly on the top of the pots as I think it looks better, but you can do it in any pattern // place you like! I wanted mine to look quite rustic with no straight edges on the gold - you can easily rough it up using the paint-brush though.

After my pots were dry I planted them up with different cacti and succulents, although I still need to put little pebbles on top of the soil for the finishing touch. What do you think of my DIY? Would you give this a go?
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