27 January 2017

Lush Valentines // My Picks


I always loved the Lush Valentines collections and this year is no different - take my money Lush! I went for some tried and tested favourites from last year plus one new bath bomb; what can I say I love all things pink and rose scented...

Unicorn Horn Bubble Bar //
This is one of my oldest favourites and I just have to treat myself to it every year - it's soo pretty! It creates loads of bubbles and is perfect for using in a bedtime bath as its lavender smell sends me straight to sleep every time.

This is a new arrival to Lush and when I saw it in store I fell in love with the design. It smells quite fruity with raspberry and lime in the mix but of course there's still a hint of rose involved.

I love lush lip scrubs and have tried almost all of them - whoops. This one looks particularly cute in its pink packaging and the scrub itself has little hearts in the sugar, romantic or what?

This smells exactly like my beloved rose jam shower gel and when you use them together you're gonna step out the bath smelling pretty great! It may not be the one for you if you don't appreciate a bath filled with floating yellow rose petals - I personally don't mind though.

This bomb was new last year and I really liked it so I was happy they brought it back again this year. It smells pretty much like a white chocolate orange and makes your skin ridiculously soft - yayyy. It has loads of mini red hearts inside which look sooo cute in the tub too!

Have you tried any Valentines bits from Lush? + What are your plans for the day itself?
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