6 January 2017

The Body Shop // Camomile Cleansers


I hadn't treated myself to any new skincare in a while but I was in the market for a new cleanser and remembered the Body Shop camomile range. At this time of year I feel like I'm wearing a lot of make-up and I need something that's going to get it all off without feeling like I have to scrub at my skin!

I've always like using cleansing balms/ oils as they're great for dry skinned peeps like myself and these two from the body shop have become my go to ones! I think they're a really reasonable price compared to some of the high end cleansers I've used before and they do just as good a job!

This one comes in a 90ml tin and is in a solid form - so probably a bit more practical for taking away than the oil version! You can just scoop a little dollop out, rub it between your fingertips for a moment to warm it up and then use it to get make-up off or as an extra moisturising second cleanse!

You get a little more product for your money with this one (200ml compared to the butter at 90ml) and I find it a little quicker to use as it's already a liquid formula. I like to use both of these as a second cleanse, after I've already taken the majority of my make-up off with a micellar water - I don't love the idea of rubbing heavy make-up around my face but if I had to travel light I'd probably take the butter as it's a good enough cleanser on its own!

They're both really moisturising, which is great as my skin gets really dry at this time of year, and they have a gorgeous light fragrance - nothing too overpowering. Do you ever use an oil/ balm cleanser? What are your favourites?

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