28 February 2017

Happy Pancake Day! //


Now I know I could potentially cook up some pancakes whenever I feel like it, but there's just something about pancake day that gets me super excited. I usually make crepe style pancakes but today I decided to go for American style stacking pancakes and I'm soo glad I did!

22 February 2017

The Perfect Paella //


Whenever I go to Spain the first meal I always want to eat is Paella - yummm. I never really thought I could make it easily myself, but when I saw a Schwartz Paella spice mix sachet I just had to give it a go!

18 February 2017

Barry M Lip Kit // Matte Me Up


Remember how everyone went a little bit crazy when Kylie Jenner launched her lip kits?? Well it seems like a lot of high street brands are catching up with the trend and I just had to try out Barry M's new offering at a quarter of the price and without the delivery charges and wait time too!

15 February 2017

Love Is In The Air // Diptyque Rosamundi Candle


I've always loved candles and the way they make a room feel super cosy and relaxing. There's always something soo luxurious about Diptyque's offerings - particularly their Valentines ones and this year is no different!

10 February 2017

A Bar Cart Tour //


I've wanted a bar cart for as long as I can remember and now I can finally say I have one that's fully stocked and ready for some serious cocktail making! I've been collecting bits and bobs to put on it for a year or so - before we even moved out - and now it's all put together I though I'd share with youss. 

7 February 2017

Gift Ideas // Valentines Day


So can you believe this is my 200th post?! That's mad considering I average one or two posts a week... Anyways, as it's only a week to go until Valentines Day, I thought I would share some beauty related gift ideas with you, so that you can either treat yo-self, orrr drop a load of not so subtle hints to your other half until they get you a little somethinnn.

3 February 2017

Winter Walkin //


Sometimes, even when the weather is completely crappy I really feel like I need to get out of the house and DO something, and I really fancied going for a good old muddy walk - is this a sign I'm getting old?

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