28 February 2017

Happy Pancake Day! //


Now I know I could potentially cook up some pancakes whenever I feel like it, but there's just something about pancake day that gets me super excited. I usually make crepe style pancakes but today I decided to go for American style stacking pancakes and I'm soo glad I did!

I used this recipe by Jamie Oliver which is pretty easy to follow - although it does help if you have a food mixer otherwise you have to beat the egg whites by hand, ughhhh. I put blueberries into the pancake whilst it was still in the pan before flipping and it turned out perfectly, although I probably went overboard on mixing my toppings together - lemon, sugar, maple syrup, marshmallows, nutella, strawberries, mini eggs + sprinkles anyone? Did I mention I'm not good at making decisions haha! What toppings do you go for on a pancake? Hope you're enjoying whatever pancakes you decide to make!

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