24 March 2017

A Pamper Day Post //


It feels like I've had a really busy week - I've been out doing something most nights and work has been pretty non-stop so having a day off today has felt much needed! I spent the morning cleaning and tidying and then I thought - you know what, I'm gonna have a relaxing bath and some much needed beauty related TLC.

Theres nothing better for pampering than Lush products, so I had a dip in the tub with a bath bomb after using their Volcano foot mask which makes the skin on your feet soo soft. Whilst I was in the bath I lit my Rosamundi candle from Diptyque - the scent of this is gorgee and lighting candles always helps me to relax and unwind.

Lush lip scrubs are something that I love to use but when your in a rush it's not my most reached for product. I made sure to use one of my faves today - Sugar Plum Fairy, which shares it's scent with The Comforter bubble bar - yumm! After I got out I made sure to moisturise with my Elemis Frangipani Oil - I had this used on me when I went and got a hot stone massage and it was love at first sniff ha! You have to warm it up to use it but mannn it smells sooo heavenly.

I also treated myself and did a lil facial. The first bit was a two step treatment by Dr Dennis Gross that I got as a freebie when I placed an order with Space NK. It came with two different sachets each containing a pad soaked in product - the first is supposed to exfoliate and smooth, whilst the second firms and lifts - promising eh? I'm not sure I got all of these results but it did make my skin feel pretty smooth & soft, plus I think you're supposed to use these daily for more long-lasting, apparent results, although they're bloody expensive!

The second mask I did was a green tea sheet mask from Masque Bar (you can buy these in boots). I feel like sheet masks are a little bit of a fun gimmick but this one is quite moisturising and it feels cooling and soothing on your face, especially when it's nice and warm outside like today.

What do you like to do to give yourself a pamper? Is there any products you'd recommend? 
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