10 March 2017

Healthy Dessert // Chia Pots


I've seen sooo many pictures of chia bowls, puddings, pots - whatever you wanna call it, on social media, so I thought in the name of eating far too unhealthily lately, I would whip some up, in an effort to get my life together (let's face it though Domino's is always calling my name!). 

Get your mitts on //
A pack of whole chia seeds (I got mine from Aldi)
Almond milk
Whatever fruits, nuts + toppings you like - I went for blueberries, pumpkin seeds, almonds, pistachios, dried strawberries && a little grated chocolate, but feel free to add whatever you fancy to make it look pretty!

I used around 4 table spoons of chia seeds, mixed in with 250ml of almond milk, but you'll know when the consistency is right just from looking at it! You can add honey or maple syrup if you want it a little sweeter, or a little vanilla essence or chocolate powder if you wanna pack in some extra flavour. Mix everything up in a bowl and cling film it over - this has to be popped in the fridge overnight to soak before you can get to the fun assembly stage in the morning.

I used a couple of cute glasses I picked up in a charity shop and tried to layer it up so that it looked pretty (it sort've worked haha!). The I used a few extra nuts and berries on the top and voila - I actually had a healthy breakfast for once!
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