1 March 2017

Looking Forward To... // Spring Edition


It's the 1st of March today and it's starting to properly feel like spring is just around the corner! Don't get me wrong, I like winter when it feels all Christmassy + cosy but January and the beginning of Feb just feel a lil cold and depressing dontcha think?

Now that the evenings are starting to get a little lighter I feel like I can get excited for Spring and everything that goes with it. I can't wait to start being able to go for walks to the pub when it's not quite so cold outside, and seeing all the bluebells and daffodils in bloom is def one of my fav things to do when Dan + I actually have a day off together! I've already got my first bunch of daffodils brightening up the kitchen (thanks mom!), they just look so pretty!

Something else I'm looking forward to is obvs Easterrrr. I never used to be that bothered because I'm not actually a massive chocolate eater, (shock horror) although mini eggs are my one weakness haha.  I do however love the Lush easter collection so hopefully I'll get bath bomb eggs instead of chocolate ones! Also, my mom makes the best roast dinner evuur and it's soo nice to have time with the family and just chill out every once in a while.

One other thing that I can't wait to start doing is being able to enjoy our garden a little more. We moved in to our house in the late summer time but we had so much DIY to do that I feel like we never fully took advantage of the good weather. This year I'm going to more than make up for that and at the first hint of sun I'm gonna be out there having picnics, planting things and generally just enjoying the sunshine! What do you look forward to in the Spring?
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