17 March 2017

New Primark Homeware //


I'm really loving Primark's homeware at the moment - it's super affordable and they have some really nice pieces which are great if you're on a budget or just like to change up your interiors a lot! I may have got a few other bits + bobs too because well, it's Primark and it's hard to resist!

They have a really great selection of cushions and bedding in at the moment - these two cushions were just £3 & £5 each! I'm also a bit of a sucker for plain white sheets and Primarks are such good value, I got a set with a cute lace trim for our spare room bed for just £10! I also had to get some more of my favourite copper hangers cause lets face it I'm always running out haha - maybe a wardrobe clear out should be next on the cards?

Now that the weather is getting a little warmer I couldn't resist having a look at all the sunglasses and let me tell you, Primark has plenty to choose from. Some of them are a little out there and Dan was laughing at me and saying I looked like a bug when I was trying them all on, but these two mirrored pairs took my fancy and they were only £2 a pair!

When I got to the till I picked up one last thing on a whim - this charcoal & black sugar scrub mask. I was hoping it would be a little more like the charcoal peel masks I keep seeing everywhere on Instagram (it was actually more of an oil + sugar mix), but still it made my skin feel pretty soft and gave it a gentle exfoliation.

Have you been to Primark lately? What would you recommend picking up?
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