5 March 2017

Three To Try // Lush


I feel like most of the time I get sidelined by all the amazing seasonal collection Lush comes out with and forget about some of the products they offer all year round. I wanted to try a few that I'd never used before and hadn't heard much hype around, and I wasn't dissapointed!

I took one sniff of this and just had to buy it - the smell is incredible - very sweet and vanillary. I find that you only need a really small amount of product, I just use it on wet hair when I get out the bath and then use a little more on flyaways after styling. It makes your hair so so soft and smooth - Lush!

Now I have to admit, this one doesn't smell as great haha! It's a clay mask for your feet and contains pumice to exfoliate. It's a bit of a messy process to apply as you have to put bags or cling film over your feet and leave it to do its thang, although it would be really fun to use if you were having a girly pamper night! You then use it as a scrub when washing off your feet and it seriously gets rid of any dry skin and makes your feet sooo smooth.

This bath bomb's been around for absolutely ageees but for some reason I couldn't remember ever trying it. It contains lavender oil and vanilla absolute and makes for the cutest pink bath water complete with floating hearts - what more could you want really?

Is there anything else you'd recommend trying at Lush?
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