25 April 2017

Denim Lovin //


I don't know why but I've never been attracted to denim jackets before, I just felt like they didn't suit me, buttt this all changed in one day when I found one that was sooo perfect! Now that the weather's getting a bit warmer I'm all about the lighter denim and I sort've fell in love.

I spotted it in Primark and knew right away I had to get it - who doesn't love embroidered flamingo's anyway?! I think it looks so much more expensive and I would've never guessed it was from there if I didn't know. It's kind've made me want to add a few more denim jackets to my wardrobe - I'd love a baby pink one or possibly white? As the weather gets warmer it's such a good lightweight jacket that would go with almost anything; I'm defo gonna be taking this on my summer holiday (when we actually get round to booking one!).

Have you seen any denim jackets that have taken your fancy? Let me know if you have any recommendations!
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