11 April 2017

Easter Goodies // Lush Picks


I can't believe how quickly Easter has crept up on me - it's literally less than a week away! I love Easter time, it feels like spring has finally sprung and it's always a day of seeing family, eating good food and time to finally relaaaxxx. I'm definitely gonna be indulging in a lush bath on Easter morning - their themed collections are always so cute!

Baa Bar // Bubble Bar
I think this is part of the Mothers Day collection but they're still selling it in stores and I though it seemed very Easter appropriate as it's in the shape of the cutest little sheep. This is a lovely relaxing bubble bar to use in the evening with the lavender, violet and rose sending me straight off to sleep!

Bunch Of Carrots // Bubble Bar
I saw this in store last year but for some reason I didn't get it and sort've regretted it ever since. I just love how cute the design is and the coloured carrots are so pretty! They smells quite fresh and citrusy, with lemon & bergamot oils - I'm definitely gonna use this one on Easter morning.

Which Came First? // Bath Bomb
This bomb is a new one this year and I  couldn't resist getting it when the shop assistant told me it has a chick in the middle - whattt?! It has quite a similar scent to Bunch Of Carrots so I'd definitely recommend using the two together. Even though this is an expensive bomb I'll use it over three baths, so it's actually more cost effective (that's what I like to tell myself anyway).

Golden Egg // Bath Bomb Melt
This one is an old favourite - if they ever stopped doing this at Easter it would be soso sad. It's a two in one product - the outside is a bath melt which is really moisturising and in the middle is a bath bomb! The smell is pretty much like Honey I Washed The Kids soap which has always been one of my faves, plus it's the glitziest thing I've ever seen.

Have you got anything from the Lush Easter range? I felt like some of the bombs were quite expensive, probably because they crack open and have a smaller bomb inside - I just wish they'd brough back the pink fluffy egg this year too!
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