14 April 2017

Spring + Easter Home Touches //


I've always loved Easter time but this is the first year we've had our own house for me to decorate with cute spring decorations (Dan is thrilled about this obvss). I've hunted round quite a few shops as well as making a couple of things myself and I'm really pleased with the results!

I've always wanted to have an Easter tree centrepiece on my dining table and as I'm actually cooking a roast dinner for my family this year (wish me luck!) I wanted to make it look extra special. I actually got the branch from my garden and just painted it white and stuck it in a big vase - voila! I found a few cute egg shaped decorations in Sainsbury's and I just had to get the two rather expensive embroidered bunny's in the photo above which were from a little interior store called Liv Furniture. Sainsbury's had a really great Easter selection especially if you were doing an egg hunt with kids - I also got the below Easter wreath there after hunting around for one everywhere!

Another great place to look was Tiger - I couldn't resist getting these egg shaped tins, they'd make such cute presents if you filled them up with chocies! I feel like a house doesn't feel like a home unless there's some flowers or plants dotted around somewhere, and it wouldn't feel like spring without a bunch of daffodils. I also recently got some artificial peonies from Homesense that have been brightening up my fireplace - I think they look pretty realistic! Last but not least I just had to make some chocolate easter nests - they're super quick to do and taste amazing - I even found some mini mini eggs to put on the top in Homesense - how cute?

I hope you have a lovely Easter whatever you get up to, and have a day of eating waaay too much chocolate whilst enjoying some down time with family + friends!

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