14 May 2017

Lush Oxford Street // Exclusives


I went to London around a month ago and of course I had to make a stop off at the famous Lush Oxford street store - three whole storeys of Lush goodies! I got quite a few bits and bobs but I knew I had to get some of the exclusive products to try as they're a little harder to get hold of.

Grass // Bubble Bar
This was one I'd tried once before and loved, so I knew I had to get another one when I saw it! It's a really fresh, earthy bubble bar that turns your bath a glorious green shade. It contain bergamot oil which makes it smell quite citrusy, whilst sandalwood gives it a more woody undertone - yumm.

I thought this was an exclusive as I hadn't seen it in other stores but it turns out it's being discontinued  - wahhh. It doesn't look particularly exciting from the outside but once in the bath it's so colourful and pretty! I love that it's a slow fizzer and it doesn't disappear too quickly. The fragrance is really calming - I'd definitely advise using this one in the evening to send you off to sleep.

This is another one that'll send you straight off to sleep with lavender and chamomile scents to relaxxxx. It's a super pretty gold glitter filled bomb that'll make your bath water shimmer and sparkle - who doesn't want that haha?!

This is a bit of a weird one for me; it's not something I would typically choose but I have to admit I was a little intrigued and I thought the concept was pretty cool. On the outside it's a dull grey colour with a slightly strange geometric pattern (it's supposed to represent the "harsh grey exterior of city life"), whilst inside it's a colourful mix of orange, pink, yellow and green. The scent is quite warm and woody with black pepper and myrrh which I do quite like, the only down-side is that when the colours mix it does turn your bath a weird murky brown colour!

This one smells soso good - really sweet and fruity and it makes your skin super soft with its cocoa butter outer layer - I sort've wish I got more of these!

I've tried this one before and it was really nice so I thought I'd get it again. I'm not a massive bath oil person as I get worried about my hair feeling greasy but this one doesn't make the water too oily it just leaves you feeling soft and smooth with a little bit of glitter to boot. It's got a unique, summery fragrance to it which lingers on the skin when you get out the bath too!

Have you been to the Oxford Street store? I'd love to know if you've tried any exclusive products as even if you can't get to London you can order quite a few from the website in the Kitchen section - yayy!
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