28 May 2017

Nails Inc // Rainbow Riot


Nails Inc is one of my faveee brands for nail polishes - the bottles are always a nice big sturdy size and I love the brushes as they're really fat and can basically cover your whole nail in a couple of swipes!

They've recently launched a super bright trio of colours in the Rainbow Riot collection that are the perfff shades for when your off on your holidayzzz and would look great with a tan. I'm pretty fearless when it comes to nail polish shades, although I would say 'Pink Rave' and 'Coral Club' are slightly more wearable for me than the fluorescent green 'Acid House' shade, although it would look pretty cool at a festival (or a neon rave - not that I go to many ha!).

I was really impressed with the quality of these - they're really quick and easy to apply with no streaks or brush strokes, they dry quickly and last a long time without chipping (I would recommend using a top coat to increase the glossiness and longevity though). I love that these colours are really unique and I'm definitely gonna be rocking them throughout the summer!

If you're not much of a colour lover, Nails Inc have also launched a whiter than white shade called 'White Out'. I've always loved the idea of white nail polish but It's alway super gloopy with horrible brush strokes... up until now! This one is so easy to use and looks really pretty on - minimalist heaven. What do you think of Nails Inc's newest polishes? Which is your fave colour?
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