1 June 2017

Easy Beach Hair // Lee Stafford


I've always loved Lee Stafford products - the smell has to be one of my faves scents (I need a perfume in this!) so I was really excited to try some of their new Sea Salt range, which I think is gonna be perff for my upcoming holiday and for summer in general! I've been testing them out for a little while now so I thought I'd share my thoughts in this post.

Sea Salt Crystal Shampoo //
I've never tried a shampoo quite like this, but I've been really enjoying using this! It come in a big old pot so you can dunk your hand in and scoop some out and it contains sea salt crystals to help exfoliate your scalp at the same time! The smell is incredible, although I think I'll be decanting some of this to take it on holiday as the pot isn't the most travel friendly.

This is a super lightweight conditioner, which I think is perfect for this time of year when you don't want your hair to feel weighed down. It looks like a liquid in the bottle but when you pump it out it turns into a conditioning foam - how cool!?

This is the perfect holiday beachy hair spray - I just spray it onto wet hair, scrunch and air dry and voila, you've got wavy, textured I just stepped out of the surf hair that still feels soft, without that crunchy feel.

This one is part of the coconut scented Coco Loco range - lushhh. It's a heat protection spray so you can use it before you dry your hair or use straighteners // curling tongs, although I use it even if my hair's air drying because it make it feel super soft and it smells heavenly. When I'm on holiday the sun can really dry out my hair so I'll definitely be taking this with me when I'm by the pool!

What do you think of these new Lee Stafford products? They're on 1/3 off at Boots right now so if you wanna grab any, get them whilst they're on offer!

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