16 June 2017

Testing Out Face Masks //


First up, sorry for the little bit of a blog hiatus - I feel like I lost a bit of my blogging mojo for a while there, I've been super busy working, gardening and planning things for our bathroom and holiday - basically life got in the way! Anyways... I thought I'd share with you some face masks I've been loving recently and using to have a little bit of a pamper.

Face Inc // Rose Glow Peel Off Mask
I thinks it's so cool that one of my faveee nail polish brands has expanded into face masks! This one is a peel off mask in the coolest copper/ rose gold colour. It's such a satisfying feeling when you get to peel this mask off - it takes around 20 mins to be completely dry and it left my skin soft whilst unblocking pores and getting rid of pesky blackheads!

This is only a bloomin gold face mask - I've never used anything like this before, but I really enjoyed using it! It's a gently exfoliating one with hyaluronic acid and vitamin b6 and it made my skin feel sooo smooth, without being at all drying like some harsh manual exfoliants can be.

This one is a super moisturising and rejuvinating mask that you could use after gilt tripper or just on it's own. It comes in the cutest rainbow coloured sheet - even if you can't help but still look a little bit like hannibal lecter when you have it on! Make sure you don't waste any of the moisturiser left in the packet - you can just use it another day, just without the sheet!

This one is part of Lush's fresh face mask range and it smells too good. It's really citrussy and summer smelling plus it's blue! It's an exfoliating mask but a really gentle one that leaves your skin feeling soft and moisturised at the same time. I got this for free when I returned 5 of the black Lush pots yayyy! The only thing is you have to keep it in the fridge and it has quite a short shelf life buttt it would be great for a girly day with some friends!

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