30 July 2017

A Picnic + Mini Golf In The Sun //


Ok so this was quite a while now, but it was a really nice day so I thought I'd still write up a blog post to remember it by. I've always dreamt of having my own picnic basket to take out on a summers day and fill with goodies so when I saw the perfect one in Homesense complete with plates, cutlery and plastic wine glasses I couldn't resist!

For our first picnic we decided to have it in our back garden, so it definitely wasn't too far to carry the food! I got a lot of bits from trusty Marks & Spencers - they do the best snacky food and it's not too expensive. We had crisps & sour cream dip (my faves) with olives, bread, cheese, salad and most importantly, the best orange drizzle cake with strawberries - yummm. 

After our picnic we decided to go and play a round of mini golf - something I hadn't done for absolutely ages and it was so much fun! Of course I lost (when doesn't Dan beat me at things) but it was such a laugh and we even had an ice-cream when we finished. If that isn't a perfect day then I don't know what is!

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