20 July 2017

Exploring Greece // Rhodes Island


*Warning - this is a ridiculously picture heavy post!* Dan and I recently went on holiday abroad for the first time in two years - to say we were a little excited would be an understatement! We've been to Spain and Turkey quite a few times and wanted to go somewhere we hadn't really been before, so Greece it was...

I'm so glad we decided to go to Rhodes as it was such a beautiful place and we had the most amazing time - I honestly never wanted to come home. We spent quite a lot of time just relaxing and it was so nice to get away from work and just sit by the pool or at the beach with a book, but we also did quite a bit of exploring whilst we were there too.

We stayed a short bus journey from Rhodes town centre in the resort of Faliraki - which is well known as being a bit of a party place! Although that's not so much our scene when we go on holiday as a couple to was good to have lots of cocktail bars to choose from in the evening and there was loads of little shops and ice-cream options! The beach at Faliraki was lovely and they had a really pretty little harbour which we got a boat trip from.

I'd definitely recommend going out on a boat if you go to Greece - our host was so friendly and we met some really nice people, as well as getting to see the island from a different perspective when you're out to sea. We went to three different bays, including the famous Anthony Quinn bay which was really beautiful. We also got given snorkels and masks to look at all the fish which was so cool, and we had a barbeque lunch with loads of fresh Greek salad - lushhhh.

Another of my favee days was when Dan persuaded me to get on the back of a quad bike - something I literally never thought I'd do (I know that's ridiculous to some people, but I'm the biggest scaredy cat!). I'm so glad I did it as it really gave us the freedom to explore the island and go to places we'd never have found otherwise. We drove to Lindos first, which is a really pretty town set into a hillside with a castle at the top and loads of white house and cobbled streets with vines growing over the top. We stayed here for lunch and had more greek salad, chicken souvlaki (it's like the best chicken skewer) and seafood risotto - all of the greek food was amazing in general, loads of fresh fruit and salad, plus the best barbecue's and seafood!

On the way back from Lindos we went a little bit more in-land and visited the Seven Springs, basically a load of freshwater springs and pools with waterfalls, duckling and peacocks roaming around. It was a bit of a different vibe here, we even walked through a really thin underground tunnel linking two of the springs together which was a little scary but fun at the same time.

I had such an amazing time in Greece and definitely want to go back again and again! One week went soso fast and I was NOT ready to leave and come back to the real world. I'd really recommend going to Rhodes as it's such a beautiful island and there's so much to do and explore there.

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