11 July 2017

Holiday Essentials // Part 1: Make-Up


I was actually planning on doing these posts before I went on holiday but I'm sorry to say I've been seriously slacking in the blog writing department (having two weeks off work and going to Greece can do that to you...), although at least now I can say which products I reached for the most whilst I was away! I'm gonna do a holiday post and tell you about my faveee parts of Rhodes too (I'm back on my blogging game haha!).

In this post I wanted to focus more on the make-up I took with me and in the next post (on Friday) I'll focus on all the skincare and other beauty bits I managed to squidge into my overflowing suitcase! When it's all laid out it looks kind've a lot, especially seeing as I didn't really wear any make-up during the day, but it was actually pretty compact once I'd put it all in a make-up bag!

Face //
I used the Garnier BB Cream every day on top of my SPF as it's quite sheer and moisturising  - perfect for skin that's getting a little dry in the sun! It's usually quite dark on me, but once I had a bit of a tan it was perfect. Concealer wise I took two with me - the Collection Lasting Perfection for brightening up my under eyes and Diorskin Nude on any blemishes. It's weird because I used to hate the collection concealer that every beauty blogger raved about (it literally turned orange on my skin) but I thought I'd try it again (in the lightest shade) and I'm really happy with it!

For blusher I took my H&M Creme Blush in the shade Sunny Peach, it's sort've like a creme version of Nars Orgasm - pink with a gold shimmer running through, which is pretty perfect for holidays doncha think? I took my trusty Dior powder highlighter with me - I've used this sooo much and it was definitely worth the money, and also my Chanel Les Beiges powder as a bronzer // light setting powder, which gives you a subtle tan.

Eyes //
For primer I took my trusty Nars Smudge Proof Eyeshadow Base , once your shadow's on over this it ain't gonna budge. Eyeshadow wise I went for one that was easy to slick on and blend - By Terry Ombre Blackstar in the shade Bronze Moon I also couldn't resist taking my Tom Ford palette, which has three gorgeous summery shades and two other blushers, I always forget to use this, but when I do the quality is amazing. I took two eyeliners, a liquid one from Kiko and a pencil from Chanel that's almost run out - booo! Mascara wise I've been trying and loving Loreal's Volume Million Lashes - I like that it's buildable so you can make it subtle or go all out.

Lips //
I feel like I was quite good at not taking too many lip products away with me, and the three I chose worked perfectly together. When I'm on holiday I always reach for either a nude or a coral shade so I took MAC Brave and Charlotte Tilbury Coachella Coral which are both gorgeee. For gloss (either on it's own or on top of lipstick) I took the Lancome Juicy Shaker Lemon Explosion which has little gold shimmer flecks running through it!

Nails // 
Well I just had to take the aptly named Chanel Holiday as one of my picks - it's such a pretty bright orange shade that looks great with a tan! The other polish I took is a new one from Nails Inc's chrome collection called Hell For Metal, it's the prettiest copper shade and it last's for ages without chipping.

Do you usually take much make-up on holiday with you? For me I go make-up free in the day as I'm constantly in the pool or the sea, but in the evening I love to get dressed up and wear a full face!
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