29 August 2017

Organising My Childhood Photo's //


This has been the longest and most time consuming thing, but it's something I've been wanting to do for sooo long as I'm such a sentimental person, but at the same time I wanted everything to be organised and backed up too. I thought I'd write down my storage solutions and how I went about organising a hell of a lot of photo's, as well as my ideas for getting my faves framed and out for people to look at!

When I first started all our family photo's were in a massive mess just shoved under the bed in my parents spare room. I always love looking through old photo's and getting sentimental but it was sooo annoying that they were all ridiculously muddled up.

The first thing I did was to start going through them and putting them in some sort of order. I found the best way was to get a big open space and then lay the photo's into different piles e.g. holidays, days out, birthdays, years - anything you like really! Any that didn't fall into a category I just left to one side to come back to. Honestly, this sounds so quick and easy but this step took me forever as it's hard to remember every childhood holiday//experience and they were sooo mixed up! Hopefully most people's photo's are a little more organised though. Any duplicated ones or photo's that hadn't come out properly I got rid of.

Next, you'll need to get yourself some storage. I searched the internet for inspiration and went for these boxes from Paperchase with some dividers from Staples - you can fit most sizes of photo in and it's ridiculous that what took up a whole draw before now mostly fit's into two small boxes!

The last step is definitely the worst in terms of being ridiculously time consuming, but I think it's so worth it when it comes to actually viewing your photo's with ease, being able to print them and make copies and just for peace of mind that they aren't gonna get lost or damaged. Scanning photo's is honestly not much fun so I'd definitely make sure you have a load of snacks and a good TV series to watch haha! I've been trying to do at least one category a day and it has been really fun looking through old photo's and finding really nice ones that I can't wait to put in frames and display round the house!

I'm the sort of person that loves having everything organised so although this has been a really long and time-consuming project it's definitely worth it in the end and I can't wait till I can show you some frames when I've sorted out what photo's I want to put where!
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