15 August 2017

Zoella Beauty // Jelly & Gelato


Every time there's a new launch from Zoella beauty or lifestyle I kind've want to get everythanggg. My bank balance kind've doesn't agree with me though (sadly!) so I just got three products that I know I'm going to get the most use out of as a little treat.

Zoella Beauty Cream Scrub //
I've just finished off two scrubs (Zoella Tutti Fruity and Lush Scrubee) so I couldn't resist getting this one. I like that it's not what most people would expect on this inside as it's bright orange and looks kind've like a mango sorbet! The smell is really fresh and light - I'm so happy that Zoe went for an elderflower scent as it's one of my all time favesss. It's really softening on the skin and leaves you feeling moisturised without having to use a cream too - something I am really bad at remembering to do!

This was the one product I was super excited to try as it's not something I've ever really seen or used before. It's similar to putting salts in your bath but it's more of a powder that turns the water a milky white colour all whilst smelling good and making your skin super soft. I think it's a really fun idea and I love that you get four sachets so you know just how much to put in the bath. You could re-use the tin as storage after too!

I love all the new lifestyle products but I'm desperately trying to save money for our new bathroom so I had to be really good and just go for my favourite of the lot - this ridiculously cute cactus shaped ring holder! It comes in one of my favee colour combinations, grey, pink and gold and is perfect to stack all your rings and earrings on. I'm a bit of a ring collector anyway so this is perfect so that I can see what I've got and switch it up day by day.

Both Zoella Beaty & Lifestyle are on 3 for 2 in Superdrug at the moment so I'd definitely recommend having a little look and stocking up on anything you fancy. I've got my eye on the two plant pots and the pink pencils!

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