8 September 2017

Bathroom Bit's & Bobs //


I can't quite believe we've been putting off getting our bathroom done for over a year now! When we first moved in to our house we sort've prioritised all the other rooms with a hell of a lot of wallpaper stripping, painting and sanding going on, plus we pretty much spent the remainder of our money getting the kitchen done - ha! Fast forward a wee while and we've settled in and just lived with the bathroom, even if it has started to slowly break down on us (the toilet requires a fair bit of vigorous pumping in order to flush!). The end is finally in sight and we've started ordering everything ready for it to be fitted and of course I've been ordering all the accessories which I just had to show you!

I've decided go for a mostly white bathroom, with gold/ bronze coloured taps and a wooden mid-century sink vanity, plus pops of grey with the towels and bath matt. I also want to add some hanging planters in and put some patterned floor tiles down so I wanted the accessories and toiletries to match (basically anything else is going to be hidden away in the drawers as I own kind've a lot of bath products...). I found quite a few nice wooden// marble bits in Sainsbury's - they were really reasonable and good quality, so I picked up a toilet brush, soap dispenser and toothbrush holder.

I've been collecting quite a few empty candle jars to pop cotton buds, nail scissors and snippers and cotton pads in and I've ordered a mirror with an in-built shelf so that I can store everything you'd want to easily be able to reach on show, whilst avoiding making everything too cluttered! I also managed to find a brass & wood toilet roll holder (exciting times haha!) online, but I honestly don't know why all the major bathroom retailers hardly stock anything other than chrome (I know it's the most popular, but surely there must be more of a market for other metals if Pinterest and Instagram is anything to go by!)

A couple of others things I couldn't resist getting were some Aesop products - I love their hand-wash and I had to getting their mouthwash (mainly for the bottle - oops), although I'll definitely be filling it back up with the cheap stuff haha! I also got some plain brown glass bottles cheap on the internet for putting in the shower, so that I can fill them up with my regular shampoo & conditioner and it looks a little more in-keeping with the rest of the bathroom. I also splashed out on some french toothpaste as it just comes in the prettiest tube ever, plus I found some minimalistic toothbrushes from Muji!

What do you think of my finds? I can't wait to do a bathroom tour once everything's done and it doesn't look like a scene from a horror film!

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