11 October 2017

3INA Beauty Bits //


I've written a post on my love for pretty much everything I've tried from 3INA before here (their highlighter has become an every day staple of mine), so I was excited when I got sent a new package of goodies to try out with some of their recent product launches inside!

The Eyebrow Kit // 402
This was definitely the product that caught my eye the most as I'm in desperate need of something to sort my brows out. I've been using an old eye-shadow which was the closest colour match I could find, after my kiko pencil ran out and I forgot to get round to purchasing a new one, so this couldn't have come at a better time! I love how compact it is, yet it comes with everything you could possibly need ~ two brushes, mini tweezers, a wax aaand a powder ~ whattddd! The colour is a really good match for me, as even though I'm blonde, I actually have quite dark brown eyebrows, but you can get it in four different colours to suit your brow shade.

I've never really tried anything like this before if I'm completely honest, just because I always though having glossy lids was something a bit too editorial to wear on a more every day basis. I've got the clear shade so you can mix it in with eyeshadow's to create a slightly wet, more shiny effect. I like the idea of this and I'll definitely be playing around with look for nights out, especially as Halloween & Christmas are approaching!

I've tried gel liners before, but I'm usually more of a fan of liquid liners, just because they're so much quicker and easier to use. Saying that I'm really impressed with the colour of this liner and I love how it gives a pop of blue to an otherwise understated eye look ~ I'm not really a bright make-up kind've gal ~ and once it's dried down it ain't gonna budge!

This was probably my least favourite item out of the bunch ~ the colour's just weren't doing it for me and the pay off wasn't the best - wahhh :( Of course I can't speak for the rest of the colour's but I wayyy preferred their cream eyeshadow formula over powder!

Have you tried any of the 3INA beauty products? I'd love to hear your recommendations!
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