17 October 2017

An Autumn Outfit // Zara + Oasis


Although I love dressing for summer weather with all the cute sandals, tee's + shorts, sometimes there's just nothing better than getting wrapped up in jumpers, boots + coats when Autumn rolls back around! There's always so many great options to choose from on the high street, so I thought I'd put together a post on some of the thing's I've been wearing pretty much non-stop the past few weeks.

One of my absolute staples has to be this amazing burgundy biker jacket from Zara ~ I missed out on the black version they did last year as I waited too long to get it and it had sold out ~ but this year they brought it back in black, khaki aaand burgundy, so I feel like it was meant to be! I like to think that it's a little more unique in the burgundy colour as a lot of stores are doing their own black versions, plus it's the warmest thing everrr.

It goes with pretty much anything warm toned in my wardrobe, but at the moment I've been loving wearing it with an Oasis jumper + skirt combo. The jumper is a gorgeous dusky pink shade that goes really well with burgundy ~ it is seriously the softest thing and comes in a ton of different colours, so definitely something for everyone. The skirt is a wrap around, embroidered number, with the prettiest autumnal shades on the flowers, that I think is perfect paired with a thick pair of tight's and some chunky boots.

To accessorise I've been wearing the daintiest rose-gold necklace from my favourite Accessorize range, plus some statement pom-pom earring's from Zara that I just couldn't say no to! I've also started getting the woolly hats back out, as I've amassed quite the collection, courtesy of Primark (which I definitely need to visit again soon!), plus my clear lens glasses have been making a come back. What do you think of my Autumn wear purchases? Have you got any recommendations?!

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