31 October 2017

Autumn + Halloween Home Touches //


Ok, so I'm kind've into decorating my house with seasonal touches, not gonna lie - I bloody lavv it. I'm pretty sure I did blog posts on all my Christmas and Easter decorations, and now that Autumn's rolled around, I'm excited to show you my Halloween picks!

Of course I had to go pick some Pumpkins and although the small, cute ones are my favourite, I'm glad I got a big one to carve and put in the window tomorrow night. I've got quite a few bits and bobs from home sense, including the cutest glass pumpkins, plus I got loads of sweet treats from M&S, including the best mini count collin the caterpillar cakes - yumm. Have you got any plans for Halloween? I think we're having a quiet one this year, watching scary films and eating pizza haha!

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